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The Top Five Mistakes You’ll Make With End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

by Michael Hele
July 1, 2024

So, you need to clean your apartment for the end of your tenancy. Like anyone else in your position, you’ll want to clean your home as best you can to get your deposit back.

Unfortunately, like everyone else in your position, you’ll make a few basic mistakes that will make life harder and guarantee a solid chunk of your deposit is lost forever. Luckily, as many great minds have agreed over the years, knowledge is power, which is why we’re going to talk to you about the top mistakes you’ll make so you can avoid them.

  1. You’ll wait until the last week

The human condition is usually to put off tasks we don’t want to do. Unless you’re a saint with more virtue than most, you’ll procrastinate your way up to the last week of your tenancy, and then you’ll panic.

Our pro tip is to start a couple of weeks in advance. Once you’ve cleaned a space, try and minimise how much use it gets. The longer you give yourself, the better the cleanliness.

  1. You’ll use heavy duty cleaning products

At this point, you’ve probably worked out we’re not a fan of heavy duty cleaning products. Honestly, why would we be? Using cleaning products which are too heavy means you’ll stain carpets, worktops and walls. That will cost money to put right, so always go for eco-friendly cleaning tools.

  1. You won’t have a plan

Cleaning your space after a tenancy is all about making smart decisions. You need a plan to clean effectively and we can guarantee most people won’t develop a plan. You’re pretty much guaranteeing that you’ll rush around with no coordination and by the end, you won’t have done half of what you set out to do.

  1. You’ll miss things

You’d honestly be surprised how many little nooks and crannies in a home don’t get cleaned properly at the end of a tenancy. You’re in a rush and trying to tidy up big problems so you neglect those little bits tucked away. Unfortunately, you’ll find that a landlord isn’t so quick to rush the inspection – they’ll find those areas.

  1. You don’t hire professional cleaners

The big mistake that most people make with their cleaning is that they try to do it for themselves. This might seem strange but let’s face it – you’re not a cleaning expert. You don’t know what you’re doing and you’ll make mistakes. If you don’t want to waste time and energy, hire experts to clean for you. It’ll take a load off your mind.

Tackling Tenancy Cleans

The end of tenancy clean is a big challenge for anyone and if you’re not ready for it then you’re not going to have a good time. The best thing you can do in any situation is hire an expert. They’ll have the tools and experience to make an end-of-tenancy clean easy to do – well worth the cost. After all, your deposit is on the line – why take the risk?