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Can We Clean Rust From an Oven?

by Michael Hele
March 25, 2024

Let’s be honest. A rusty oven is a very unpleasant thing to look at. When an oven is covered in rust, it doesn’t look very good, so it’s pretty normal to want to remove that if you can. Lots of people hire professional cleaners to get this done because it’s easier than trying to do it themselves, so one of the most common questions that we get asked is whether or not we can sort out rusty ovens. to a certain extent we can, but there are certain things that you have to know when it comes to your oven, and we thought it best to talk about them.

Why Do Ovens Rust?

So, let’s do a quick job of figuring out why ovens rust. There’s a couple of different reasons why this happens, so it’s important to know exactly what’s going on.

Kimberly speaking, things are rusted because they come into contact with oxygen which slowly initiates a chemical change over time. This process is called oxidation. However, that process can be accelerated many times over with an oven because it is a pressure cooker of extreme environmental conditions. When you consider that the average oven rockets in temperature up to hundreds of degrees to cook food, it becomes a very volatile environment. This means the likely ahead of things like rust building up happens much faster because there’s a lot more heat in the air.

Can We Clean Rust?

Obviously, we can deal with rust for you. If there is a buildup of rust, then it can affect the quality of the food you cook anyway so you should get it cleaned. We’re more than happy to do this for you, but it’s also important to know that we don’t have a magic solution to stop it from happening again.

Oxidation is a normal process that takes place over time, so if you are going to have an oven, eventually it will start to develop more rest. We are happy to come back and clean it for you again once this happens, but you just have to be aware of the fact that the process is ongoing. If you are vigilant about cleaning and build up a proper schedule, then it’s unlikely that the rust will get out of hand, but it will keep occurring.

We Can Help

We are happy to clean your oven for you, as long as you understand that we can’t permanently deal with the rust issue. We’re more than happy to keep it clean on a regular basis for you, but to a certain extent, the rust is just part of the problem now, and will continue as the metal on the oven remains in contact with oxygen. This is just part of owning an oven and there isn’t much you can necessarily do about it, so it’s best to commit to a regular cleaning schedule to try and mitigate the build up of rust, which is definitely the worst part of it all.