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How to Naturally Clean Any Washing Machine

How to Naturally Clean Any Washing Machine

by Michael Hele
December 30, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered why your washing machine smelled funny or if you should be cleaning it, you need to clean it. If you haven’t ever wondered about cleaning this hard-working appliance, you still need to clean it. Add this simple step to your laundry process and you’ll have fresh smelling laundry AND an odorless washing machine.

How to Naturally Clean Any Washing Machine


  • Start by setting your washer to its hottest temperature, highest capacity and longest cycle.
  • Add four cups of white vinegar to the hot water, close the lid and allow it to agitate for several minutes.
  • Open the lid or pause/stop the machine and allow it to sit for an hour so that the vinegar can do its job to get rid of the bacteria, mold and mildew and the hoses of your machine.

If your load washing machine has a cycle to clean the washing machine, you can add the white vinegar and proceed.