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Clean Carpets, Clean Airways – How Carpet Maintenance Prevents Allergies

by Michael Hele
May 27, 2024

As we move into the summer, we are sadly approaching allergy season and for many people it has probably already begun. Seasonal allergies are a pain to deal with and often lead to irritation and discomfort, but they can be dealt with if you recognise some of the key triggers and things which exacerbate the condition and make it worse. For example, a carpet which isn’t cleaned regularly can cause no end of allergy problems. Let’s talk about the problems which can stem from having a carpet that isn’t cleaned and how we can help.

Pollen is Everywhere

The big problem that we face when it comes to seasonal allergies is that the root cause – pollen – is usually everywhere and is more than happy to play havoc with our bodies. Pollen can cling to clothing and footwear, which presents an issue when we come home and step into the house after being outside. We’re bringing that pollen into the house, which is a recipe for disaster from an allergy perspective.

Clean Carpets More Often

Another key challenge comes in the form of our carpets, which become a sea of pollen in the wrong conditions. If you come into the house with pollen and then walk across the carpet, you’ll be tracking pollen into the home which will sit in the fibres of your carpet and stay there until the next time you try and move around, and then you’ll dislodge the fibres, sending the pollen back up into the air where it can trigger your allergies all over again. It is an annoying and oftentimes constant loop, so it is definitely one you’ll want to avoid if at all possible – tough, we know.

Regular Carpet Maintenance

In the summer, if you want to avoid this exact problem, then you will need to clean the carpet on a regular basis to get the pollen out of it. We recommend at least once a month to prevent a buildup of pollen – not a fun thought by any means, but simply one which needs doing. Of course, if this is not something you like the sound of, then you should look at hiring an expert to come and clean for you. They will have the time and tools necessary to do it right, which are things that you, as a busy person, simply might not have at your disposal.

We’ll Help You Out

So, when it comes to things like a proper carpet cleaning schedule, it isn’t difficult to see why it might be rather useful for preventing the spread of pollen and staying in good health. We are here to help with whatever you might need when it comes to things like pollen because we do recognise how important it can be – we clean carpets all the time and would be happy to assist. Besides, you need to clean carpets with the right tools anyway, otherwise you damage them. Give us a call and let us help you out.