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Getting to Grips With a Deep Clean – The Facts

by Michael Hele
May 17, 2024

Cleaning is an unavoidable and often annoying part of life. Most people try and clean as little as they can because in most cases, you don’t need to clean intensively, and it takes time and effort to clean properly anyway. With that being said, it is also important to do a deep clean from time to time, and this is a whole different beast. We thought we’d talk a bit about the deep clean and how to approach it, as well as which bits we can help with.

The Deep Clean 101

So, let’s get right into talking about the deep clean, what it is, and how it can be a core – albeit annoying – part of life. We’re moving into summer, after all, so there has never been a better time to get up and do it.

A deep clean is the most comprehensive cleaning you’ll do throughout the year. It is a time where you clean everything in the home from top to bottom. You will pull out all the furniture and get behind them to clean, find all the nooks and crannies in your space, and generally put in a lot of work for the sake of cleaning and making it easy to do. It is a process which can take a few days, but once you’ve gotten a handle on it, it does become a lot easier as a process.

How Often Should You Deep Clean?

A deep clean is an intensive process, and it can take a while to do. However, the benefit to a deep clean is that you don’t need to do it all that often because it takes a long time afterwards for things to get back to the point where you deep clean again. It will depend on the lifestyle you lead and the type of person you are. However, it is also fair to say that the average deep clean will usually only happen a few times a year, so the worry is often much less.

Which Bits Shouldn’t You Do?

When it comes to a deep clean, there are a couple of bits which you should avoid doing if at all possible. These are the oven and the carpet. Both of these things need a different cleaning schedule, first and foremost, and they also require you to use special chemicals to avoid damaging them.

It’s a much better idea to turn responsibility for those specific tasks over to a professional cleaning company. They are equipped to tackle this type of cleaning in a safe and eco-friendly way, and it’ll save you time and effort to let someone else do it anyway. Outsourcing in this fashion is always a sensible idea! If you do need this type of task completed, then we are happy to help. We have extensive experience when it comes to tackling ovens and carpets in a nice, sensible, and very eco-friendly fashion. We recognise the importance of being able to clean your space in the right way, so get in touch.