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How Not to Clean an Oven – Things to Avoid

by Michael Hele
February 26, 2024

So, if you’ve got an oven, you need to clean it on a regular basis. Everybody knows that an oven needs care and attention like any other part of the home, but you may not know that there are plenty of things to avoid with an oven to keep it clean and tidy.

These are all cleaning tools that will do more harm than good – and send your oven into a pretty bad state. Let’s cover what not to clean an oven with, so you’re clued up for the future.

  1. Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

It might seem like a good idea to break out the tough cleaning chemicals for your oven if it has been a while since you’ve given it a good cleaning. However, this is not a smart idea, and the more likely outcome is that you will make your own life harder because you’ll have to get the oven repaired.

Abrasive cleaning chemicals wear down the metal parts of the oven. They would probably get rid of the tough stains, but they will also get rid of the layers of metal you need for the oven to work properly. Tougher cleaning chemicals are rarely the answer.

  1. Commercial Cleaners

Common sense would dictate that getting a commercial oven cleaner should be the obvious solution for anyone who wants to keep their oven looking clean and tidy – after all, if it’s good enough for commercial use, why not your oven?

Well, there’s just a small problem with that logic, as well-intentioned as it is. Commercial ovens are a whole different breed of oven to the one you’ve got in your kitchen. A normal oven has enamel in it – this will get damaged immediately by a commercial oven cleaner and make it unusable.

  1. Rust Remover

Quite a lot of people use a rust remover when it comes to cleaning and admin, and this is a good idea on paper. If you can remove the rust, then you might get better performance out of the oven, and it deals with the issue of rust being a bit hazardous to your health.

Unfortunately, rust remover often contains large amounts of chemicals which are pretty bad for your oven. When it gets right down to it, it might actually be safer to have the rust in the oven then the rust remover chemicals hanging around as particulates.

Get Your Oven Cleaned Right

The best thing that you are going to accomplish when it comes to your oven is getting it professionally cleaned. There is absolutely no logic in doing it yourself when all of these pitfalls exist. The chance of you damaging your oven is very high. It’s much better to pay someone to clean it for you. They’ll use the right tools, they’ll take their time with it, and the result will be better than you could do on your own. That’s the kind of service we offer and that’s why you should go for it.