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The Danger of Home Cleaning Chemicals – Go Professional

by Michael Hele
March 11, 2024

So, let’s talk about modern cleaning chemicals. It’s perfectly normal to have cleaning chemicals in your house for the sake of cleaning your carpets or your oven. However, what you might not know is that these cleaning chemicals aren’t really good for your house or your health. As part of our quest to make sure that you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about cleaning services, we thought we would talk about modern cleaning chemicals and some of the issues they have which you probably haven’t been told about.

Heavy Duty = Bad

Most people set out to clean their carpet or oven with the same basic deer in mind. They go for the heavy duty cleaning chemicals, and labour under the false pretence that this will make the entire process better.

Unfortunately, while you do have the right sort of mentality about it, the reality is much different. Heavy duty cleaning chemicals will clean whatever you want them to, but they come with a bevy of side-effects which make it very difficult to justify using them.

Heavy duty cleaning chemicals often use lots of bleach, which makes it very dangerous to be handled in large quantities, or abrasive materials designed to destroy anything in its path, whether it happens to be a stain or just the carpet.

The Environmental Concern

The other main concern about using abrasive cleaning chemicals, besides, the risks to your health, are the impact that these chemicals are having on the environment. It’s been generally accepted by commercial cleaning companies that typical household cleaning items are not suitable for an eco-friendly clean. The chemicals are not great for the planet – they can often cause damage to the environment around them, which is why the vast majority of cleaning companies use eco-friendly cleaning tools.

Go Pro Today

As you may have been able to tell from the way we’ve been approaching this, the cleaning chemicals used by a professional company are different to what you might find underneath the kitchen sink. We use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals which are much safer for the environment, as well as better for you in the event that there is any inadvertent contact between the two.

Obviously, we operate with the most current health and safety measures because the last thing we want to do is put anybody at risk, but using safer cleaning chemicals is a good way to ensure this regardless of what else happens.

Hiring a professional company is the best thing that you could do because it will guarantee that you have access to eco-friendly, safe cleaning chemicals which are better for the environment and less hazardous to you. Cleaning isn’t really something you should be doing, because there are professional companies which exist and cleaning chemicals haven’t really caught up yet. Obviously, we would be happy to help, so please feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to provide a winning service.