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The Power of a Regular Cleaning Schedule

by Michael Hele
January 8, 2024

One of the most frequent questions that we get asked by people all the time is whether or not they should have a regular cleaning schedule or save their money and time for a couple of big cleans throughout the year. Understandably, it’s an important decision to make as a business, as you need to know how you’re going to be using your time and resources to keep your offices looking the best that they can. To try and settle the matter once and for all, we’re going to weigh up the pros and cons of both options and ultimately give a final verdict.

Regular Cleaning Schedules

A regular cleaning schedule can be a very powerful tool for any business and help to maintain a good reputation and keep their offices clean and hygienic. There is a very valid school of thought that if you build a proper cleaning schedule, then you don’t have to do as many big cleaning sessions throughout the year. Big cleaning sessions often arise when a business needs to completely tackle their cleaning needs from top to bottom, usually because they haven’t been keeping on top of it throughout the year. It’s a big undertaking, and not every business has the time or inclination to do so.

A regular cleaning schedule helps to circumvent this, but the downside is often that it can take a little bit more time every week or month, and in some cases, cost a little bit more throughout the year.

Big Cleaning Sessions

A big cleaning session throughout the year does have its strengths, it is not entirely a bad idea. If you restrict your schedule to only a handful of big cleaning sessions throughout the year, then you can plan around them and make sure that staff are out of the office or that you have the funding required.

This is good for businesses, which are very busy and don’t have time to get the cleaners in every week or month, but it does have its drawbacks. As you get towards the start of a cleaning period, and prepare for the big clean, your office can start to get a little bit dingy. Regular cleaning looks better, and you may find that clients or customers aren’t particularly pleased with the presence of dust or cobwebs.

Which is Best?

Ultimately, we would have to advocate for the regular cleaning schedule as being the best choice for any business. It’s important to keep on top of your cleaning, because the amount of big cleaning sessions that you need will go down with regular care and attention, and it means the business looks good throughout the year. It might be a little bit more expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment. The Magnificent Cleaners are happy to give you a hand regardless of your preference, and we will make sure that you get a proper clean from start to finish whenever you need it. Ultimately, it is your choice, so choose wisely.