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The Top 3 Ways You Can Go Above and Beyond for End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

by Michael Hele
February 5, 2024

Cleaning your flat for the end of your tenancy is important because you’ll want to get your security deposit back. However, there’s a difference between cleaning and good cleaning. You know what we mean. Anybody can clean a flat or rented accommodation. However, it takes a clever person to know how to clean in a way that’s above and beyond. We’ve got a few tips for you. They’re going to help you clean like you’ve never cleaned before, so let’s get started.

Make Sure the Right Areas Are Left Empty

There’s a handful of areas in the flat you need to leave empty when you go, and to make sure they’ve been cleaned properly. It’s important to look at storage areas, cupboards and any utility areas where you just store things.

These areas should have had special attention, because they’ll be checked by either the landlord or the new tenants. Get rid of all the rubbish and remove any grime and dirt. You should also check out the fridge and freezer. Take out any items of food or rubbish, make sure they’ve been cleaned properly, and get them set up for the next person.

Make Sure You Get the Hidden Areas

When it comes to your cleaning, you need to ensure you get all the hidden areas in a flat you’d normally just forget about. There’s a lot of empty space behind cupboards, tucked away in corners, and places you don’t normally go like the garage or balcony. If it’s part of what you rented out when you signed your contract, you need to make sure you clean it.

Go through these areas with a fine tooth comb, because you’ll be judged on how you treat them. If they’re communal areas, the pressure isn’t quite as high, but we would recommend giving them a brief clean anyway – it tells the landlord that you care about spaces that aren’t necessarily your sole responsibility.

Hire Professionals For a Deep Clean

Getting a flat cleaned both deeply and professionally is key for that end-of-tenancy cleaning, especially if the goal is to get the security deposit back. For this reason, you should aim to hire a professional cleaning service if you want to do well with your cleaning. The pros will often do a better and faster job than you will, which makes the final clean an easy task.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your apartment for an end-of-tenancy clean is a challenge, to be sure, but also a welcome one if it will get you back a little of your security deposit. The best thing we can recommend is that you work with a professional cleaning company. After all, they’ve got the skills and expertise to give you the results you need, so it’s well worth looking into. You’d be surprised what kind of results you can get, so give us a quick call. We would be happy to help.