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The Top 5 Things to Avoid With Carpet Cleaning

by Michael Hele
March 1, 2024

If you have a stain in the carpet, you need to use the right tools to clean it. However, there are substances and chemicals to avoid when it comes to cleaning your carpet. These can all damage the carpet and whatever surface is underneath – wood floors, underlay, etc – so they aren’t a smart idea. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

  1. Bleach and Other Harsh Chemicals

Bleach is often a good tool for removing stains that just won’t go, but as a cleaning tool for your carpet, it is nothing short of disastrous. Due to how the bleach will interact with the carpet fibres, all you’ll wind up with is a stain and toxic fumes. Not a great mix!

  1. Wine

Lots of people think that they can use white wine to remove a stain, especially one left by red wine. However, this is not the case. The truth about wine is that it doesn’t work as a cleaning tool, and it will leave a stain in most cases. It’s a lot like bleach in that sense – just a bad idea all around.

  1. Laundry Powder

Some folks think that because they use laundry powder in the washing machine, it is a good idea to try and clean with it. Sadly, this is not true at all, and the more likely outcome is that you’ll create a mould problem. Rather than cleaning the carpet like you wanted, you might just end up making even more of a stain.

  1. Tough Cleaning Chemicals

Tough cleaning chemicals are a big problem because if you use them, you’ll absolutely shred the carpet in the process. It’s a bit like blowing up a door to get inside a safe – you might get into the safe, but the safe itself is now a pile of charred metal. Gentle carpet cleaners are always a better idea.

  1. Soap

Dish soap specifically is the criminal of choice here, and it is something you should definitely avoid if at all possible when trying to clean a carpet. The soap is very likely to seep into the fibres of your carpet, which will damage them. Your best bet is going to be to avoid this because otherwise you’ll be stuck with a stain.

Getting Professional Cleaning Done

Professional cleaning is a good thing because it will help a lot with cleaning a carpet and you don’t need to worry about getting it done yourself. As we can probably summarise, there’s quite a lot of things you can’t use for cleaning a carpet so you might find it easier to just get a pro to help instead of working it out for yourself.

Carpet cleaning isn’t too tricky for us – we have a lot of experience. However, we definitely recommend that you look at what’s on offer, because we can help. Your carpet is an investment in your home, so you should take good care of it – it’ll pay dividends later.