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Understanding High Traffic Areas – How to Clean Properly

by Michael Hele
May 10, 2024

Cleaning is a part of life which can be done in one of two ways – with understanding of how cleaning works or by not getting it at all. It is important to get a bit of cleaning smarts on board if you’re ever going to do this in a sensible, effective way. For a lot of people, this means understanding what a high traffic area is, and how it can be helpful to you to understand it. We’re here to help you stay up-to-date.

What is a High-Traffic Area?

So, let’s talk a little bit about what a high-traffic area is and how it can affect cleaning schedules. Broadly speaking, we can split up the home into two categories – the high traffic and low-traffic areas. High-traffic areas are places where people and dirt accumulate frequently – countertops, carpets, the sofa. These are areas of the home used frequently and so they get dirty faster than their low-traffic counterparts, which are obviously areas where the general amount of dirt and debris is much lower. These places are locations where people don’t go as much, like the corners of living rooms and behind furniture.

Adjusting Cleaning to Match

It is important that you change up your cleaning schedule to match what it is that you are trying to do because otherwise you’ll be cleaning in a very inefficient way and that would be a waste of time and resources. The best thing that you can do, more often than not, is to try and focus on the high-traffic areas first because technically they are the most-used and need the most maintenance.

Your cleaning schedule should prioritise these above and beyond the low-traffic areas, and you can make adjustments to match what needs to get done at any given moment.

Outsource Some High-Traffic Areas

One of the best things that you can do is try and outsource the high-traffic areas because some of them are quite difficult to keep clean on a regular basis. For example, you’ve got things like the oven and the carpet which are both high-traffic areas for different reasons, but they’re both also very hard to keep clean.

Hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of these issues for you is definitely a sensible decision. Regular maintenance on these areas would take far more time than you possibly have, and you’ll be wasting quite a lot of resources to do it.

Understand High-Traffic Challenges

Understanding a little bit more of how different areas of the home can be affected by traffic and how this will ultimately impact your cleaning schedule can make a big difference and help to get the best results. You have to design a cleaning schedule which is going to work, which ultimately means understanding what it is you’re trying to clean. Ultimately, we are available if you do need support when it comes to cleaning in this way, especially areas like carpets and ovens.