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Your Guide to a Professional Deep Clean

by Michael Hele
January 1, 2024

What’s in a Deep Clean?

Your typical deep clean isn’t something you do everyday, or even as a general tidy up when things get a little out of sorts. This is a comprehensive, tough cleaning process which gets rid of dirt, dust, bacteria and other types of rubbish which build up in your space.

The majority of businesses have spaces within their buildings which aren’t used frequently. It might be a spare office or a storage area, but it is still prone to the same buildup of dirt and debris. You need to make sure that this is dealt with during the deep clean, because otherwise it becomes a breeding ground for unpleasantness!

When Should You Do a Deep Clean?

So, a good deep clean takes place after business hours, because this will give the cleaning team unfettered access to the building and allows them to clean without disruption.

As part of the deep clean, the team will move furniture to clean in places which are normally inaccessible to you during the work day. This means they’ll invariably pull everything out to clean – but they will put it all back afterwards!

In terms of how often you do a deep clean, that is largely up to you as a business. You can do a clean as often or as frequently as you like, depending on your needs. However, we recommend at least once every six months, totalling twice a year. This keeps your property looking fresh.

Deep Clean Objectives

Let’s go over the objectives of a deep clean together:

  • A comprehensive clean of your building. You need to clean the very foundation of your premises to keep it clean and tidy.
  • Cleaning the parts of your business which aren’t typically seen by people, including out-of-sight areas and nooks and crannies.
  • Keeping the health and well-being of your staff and visitors as a priority by stopping the spread of mould, germs and bacteria.
  • Removing dust and allergens which can make employees sluggish and tired, keeping productivity high.
  • Identifying areas where your business needs to tackle a larger problem, made visible and exposed by a deep clean.

Get Professional Cleaning Today

Professional cleaning services are key to a successful deep clean as without them, your building won’t be safe, hygienic and looking good.

The Magnificent Cleaners are experienced and have plenty of tools to provide a comprehensive deep clean for your business. We are flexible enough to work around your business hours and are more than happy to help. Please contact us to speak to a team member and arrange for a no-obligation quote to see what we can do for you.